Invocation #2


Oil on canvas.  14″ x 18″.  Suggested price $200.  Buy art here.

Just as the invocations that I’ve written are a kind of collage, the paintings that I’ve made for this series have some aspect of collage about them as well.  Nothing is cut out or added to this – it’s all oil on canvas.  But the shapes, the forms, the colors, are gathered from the things I’ve seen this spring on my morning walks, from doodles in old sketchbooks, from canvases that I started in life drawing and painting class.  I’ve been pairing old poetry invocations to them, so I suppose that’s part of the collage as well.   Here’s a written invocation to go with the painted one:

I praise you for the strength of trees,
full enough now that the sidewalk
remains dry beneath them,
and for the fast and slow energy of colors,
the faces of flowers, the moderation of green.
For lichen scattered like pigmented dust,
for the gray veins of root systems
in washed away dirt,
for earth.

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